Lisa + David

Brandon and I were so happy to get to take some maternity portraits of Lisa + David. The weather was perfect and we were blessed with a bright, sunny, fall day. I really loved their outfits and felt that the colors worked so perfectly for the setting. She’s due next month and they are expecting twin boys!!

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Burge Plantation Wedding : Taylor + Caroline

Taylor + Caroline are such fun, sweet, genuine people. It was a gorgeous fall day to have an outdoor wedding at the beautiful Burge Plantation. Caroline always had a smile on her face and radiated with beauty. Their ceremony was so intimate and lovely. A handmade wooden cross with a beautiful arrangement of florals at the alter was the perfect detail to tie it all together. It was a blast and SUCH an honor working with these two! The day couldn’t have been more special.

Thank you STYLE ME PRETTY for featuring their wedding!

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Flowers: Julie Sandman | Flowers: Julie Sandman | Cakes: Tammy Aldridge | Catering: Chef Andrew Featherstone | DJ: Amp’d Atlanta | DJ: Amp’d Atlanta | Ceremony + Reception: Burge Plantation | Tents + Lighting: Peachtree Tents And Events | Tents + Lighting: Peachtree Tents And Events | Wedding Director: Dawn Leonetti

Pam Hallman - What beautiful wedding pictures. Caroline is absolutely beautiful and of course I think Taylor is so handsome. I happen to be a guest at the wedding and it was absolutely gorgeous. The atmosphere was great. The reception was breath taking and when the fun started even us old folks has a blast. The after rehearsal was so much fun and enjoyable. Christy did a wonderful job on the decorations and the food was great. I am so thankful I was invited to such a special occasion as Taylor and Caroline’s Wedding. These are two special people who love the Lord and that will make for a wonderful marriage!


Ford Plantation : Joe + Shannon

Brandon and I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph Joe & Shannon’s engagement at the Ford Plantation! It was one of the most amazing places that we have ever been to. These two are super sweet & loads of fun!! We ended the session right at sunset and I seriously don’t think we could have asked for a more perfect day. We are so excited to share these images with you all!

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