Savannah, GA Wedding : Chris + Lauren

What a sweet wedding day Chris and Lauren had! We started the day off at the church where Lauren grew up at and then headed over to downtown Savannah for the reception. It was great working with such an easy going couple, zero stress, just love and enjoyment!

Thank you STYLE ME PRETTY for featuring their wedding!

Savannah Wedding Photographer0001Savannah Wedding Photographer0002Savannah Wedding Photographer0003Savannah Wedding Photographer0004Savannah Wedding Photographer0005Savannah Wedding Photographer0006Savannah Wedding Photographer0007Savannah Wedding Photographer0008Savannah Wedding Photographer0009Savannah Wedding Photographer0010Savannah Wedding Photographer0011Savannah Wedding Photographer0012Savannah Wedding Photographer0013Savannah Wedding Photographer0014Savannah Wedding Photographer0016Savannah Wedding Photographer0015Savannah Wedding Photographer0018Savannah Wedding Photographer0019Savannah Wedding Photographer0017Savannah Wedding Photographer0020Savannah Wedding Photographer0021Savannah Wedding Photographer0022Savannah Wedding Photographer0023Savannah Wedding Photographer0024Savannah Wedding Photographer0025Savannah Wedding Photographer0026Savannah Wedding Photographer0027

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