Savannah, GA Wedding : Corey + Kelly

What a magical wedding in Savannah, GA. Brandon and I don’t know how it happens…but we always end up working with the most INCREDIBLE couples… and we are so thankful. Corey and Kelly, you two are the greatest example of why we LOVE doing what we do. Being with you on your wedding day was such a privilege!!! We are SO excited for you guys!!! Enjoy your blog post!!!

Kelly, wore a gorgeous wedding dress that was also her mother and grandmother’s wedding dress. Corey, a pilot for the United States Army, was in full uniform. Honestly, they reminded us of Prince William and Kate Middleton. There were a lot of Southern traditions, and it was one of the most classy weddings that we have ever seen. The entire day was surrounded by gorgeous Southern large oak trees with Spanish moss, and azaleas in full bloom. The ceremony was at the historic Trinity United Methodist Church, and the reception was at the Savannah Yacht Club.

Thank you SOUTHERN WEDDINGS for featuring their wedding!

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  • Danny Hwang - Kelly and Corey!! Your photos are amazing!! Truly a wedding where the favor of God was so present!! God bless you guys and your future together!! Please keep in touch with Jina and I~~

    God Bless you guys!!


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